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Who we are

Watch and Cow Sàrl, a Swiss DMC, is a sister company of Vanilla Tiger, an outbound agency well established in Geneva since many years. (

Our company has a large experience in organizing thematic and luxury tours and has collected networks.

We share the same address but with an independent management conducted by Mrs Emilie Bissardon.   



Born in France, Emilie travelled the European roads from a very young age. She fell in love with Switzerland 15 years ago and settled in Geneva. After years guiding her guests throughout Switzerland, the country can’t hide secrets from her anymore. 

No matter if you’re fond of history, art, contemporary architecture, great landscapes, literature, watches or even international affairs. 

She will be your perfect advisor to create your genuine bespoke discovery of Switzerland and make it unforgettable!


Nathalie have been working in the tourism industry selling Switzerland since 1988, a time where internet and the social networks did not exist and when selling Switzerland was much harder than now. She is driven with the same passion and enthusiasm for the past 30 years! Switzerland is her country of heart and she loves knowing that she will still discover new gems in this tiny country that mirrors all landscapes you can dream of, from spectacular mountains to breathtaking lakes, snow resorts to Mediterranean flora, urban and high-tech technology to traditional craftsmanship.

She lived in the US and in Japan and she is familiar with the travel needs of many nationalities, but most importantly, she always think of her clients as if they were family members traveling for the first time in Switzerland.

Nathalie Freneau.png


After growing up in Cameroun and getting the chance to visit many countries around the world with her parents, Stéphanie decided to settle in Switzerland more than twenty years ago.

Thanks to her diverse professional experience in the aviation and tourism industry, she is an experienced travel designer.

Her curiosity and desire to discover new places have always been the leitmotiv of her life.

Stéphanie will find atypical and charming places for you to have a wonderful stay and a dream experience in Switzerland.

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